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Head-to-Toe Beauty Secrets: Face

Facial Beauty Secret #1: Eyebrows ~ go pay to have someone do them right and then, every morning after you brush your teeth, pluck out 2 encroaching offenders. You can handle two plucks a morning and if you keep up with it, you won't lose the line that was properly selected by someone who knew what they are doing. Anyway, if your eyebrows are tidy, you look well-groomed.

Facial Beauty Secret #2: Smile ~ Forget the fancy-dancy whitening strips and toothpastes. Just grab your Baking Soda, dip your brush in, and brush your teeth for that just-polished feeling and a natural whitening.

(Just leave a box in the bathroom. If you notice the sink needs scouring, just shake some baking soda in, scrub it a bit with your washcloth that was heading for the laundry anyway, and rinse. How easy is that?)

Facial Beauty Secret #3: Make-up ~ if you wear it, wear a quality foundation and bargain everything else. Get your mascara cheaply enough that you can toss it every 3 months for hygiene reasons. In case you really want to know, I wear Lancome Photogenic Ultra-Comfort Skin-Illuminating Makeup for foundation and whatever drug store color (mascara, blush, lipstick, etc.) catches my fancy. Currently I'm liking Almay's i-color Bring out the Green Line and Burt's Bees Coffee Lip Shimmer.



Heather said...

I LOVE Burt's BEes lip shimmer and have them in several colors--in fact they made me give up my love of all things lipstick.

Kate said...

I'm a BB lip shimmer fanatic, too! I had an adopting family bring me four tubes one trip. My class always knows I've put it on by the yummy smell.

Kate said...

ps I don't do baking soda straight but ONLY use A&H baking soda toothpaste.