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Well was cloudy and damp all last week so I finally got all my books cataloged at LibraryThing. Want to know what I have read? am reading? hope to read? Looking for recommendations? It's all here at my LibraryThing.


Anonymous said...

Are you a mystery fan? I am, though I tend to like "golden age" mysteries, meaning I prefer polite, country-house British mysteries where the victims clutch their chests and topple over with a minimum of blood & guts ... so I'm a little specialized! hah! If you like those, I'm a fount of useless knowledge for you! I also love, love Mary Stewart. Do you know about her? Fun, cozy, but intelligent, suspense/mystery and mild romance. She wrote things like "Airs Above the Ground," "This Rough Magic," "Thornyhold." I also LOVE Laurie R. King's "Mary Russell" series; she is a phenomenal writer, though I confess to not being a great fan of her "Kate Martinelli" or stand-alone novels. So, does that make me sound like a dreadfully narrow reader??

Anonymous said...

Didn't go look yet. Do you like it better than Shelfari?

Suzanne said...

I haven't tried Shelfari Kate. I read a couple reviews wherein LibraryThing came out on top and I just jumped in with them.

Anonymous said...

Shelfari was easy enough...and I suppose that you need to really get in and see other people's books to make it work.

I've just read so many, and have such ecclectic taste, that it didn't do much for me.

I wanted it to send scads of perfect books that I'd never heard of to me...but it didn't. I don't think even one good book came of it...but I certainly didn't list all my books. So, maybe it's my fault.