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Airport blog-a-thon: INC-KHV

Posting from: MarKuel Hotel, Khabarovsk, Russia
Local time: 6:21 am on Sunday August 27th

The last installment of the airport segment of our show. For your viewing pleasure and amusement, I weathered the stares of the curious and boldly snapped a picture in the loo, a picture of the courtesy bell. What is a courtesy bell? It is the little device that you utilize if you think that you may soon be making an embarrassing noise. It sounds just like a flushing toilet, so no one will know what you are really doing in there. Korea: appearance is everything.

It is a beautiful, clean, well-staffed, and friendly airport. For those of you who enjoy luxury good shopping, you will find nearly everything you want at the airport duty-free shops. Alas, nearly everything: no LUSH.

Here is the gracious coffee shop young lady who serves the best coffee in the airport. She is conveniently located in a Wireless HotSpot right next to showers and couchs.

Last, here we are:

Edinburough is my new favorite European city; Incheon/Seoul is my favorite airport. What are your favs?

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