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Happy Birthday Dear Brother

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Happy birthday dear Tim!

When I was a little girl, I wished for a brother. Three days after my fourth birthday, I got one. The best birthday present I ever got; though I think he may get upstaged this year.

Margaret - Dandy is 6 and Chickadee just turned 5. We expect to have the children with us for most of the ten days. We hope to get them on Friday, otherwise we have to wait until Monday.

Hey J - welcome to blogland! :)

SoFlaMom - per your request.

Dandy's bed on the left, Chickadee's on the right; this is how I found the kitty-lovie after the maid's visit.

Just wanted to add a few more things from yesterday's visit. Dandy treated us to a lovely recitation of "good morning to you, good morning to you . . ."

Jamie was trained by Dr. Dandy in the proper way to listen to a bear's breathing.

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