Quote of the Day


Who knew?

I was toodling about on the University of Minnesota's International Adoption Clinic website where I was surprised to learn that "Dr. Dana Johnson is quoted in Cosmopolitan Magazine's September 2006 issue. The article, "What Adopting Is Really Like," is a Q&A on adoption." I didn't realize that Cosmo was interested in much more than cleavage! The reason I was on the U of M's site at all was that I was looking for a way to share this presentation with y'all. The best I can do is provide the link to "Easing the Transition from Institutional to Family Life." Click it; you'll learn a lot and we'll be glad you did.

Why wasn't I in bed, getting some much needed rest, you may ask? I was waiting for the kitties to come home. I can't sleep unless all my chickies are in their nest.

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