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Shower Blessings

I told myself I wouldn't let myself blog about my shower last weekend until I had written my thank you notes, but realistically, those are not going to get done for awhile and may come in the form of postcards from Siberia. Worth waiting for, I hope.

Last Sunday my dear friends Jody and Julie hosted a lovely shower for us at our home. Friends and colleagues and friendly collegues gathered around and blessed us with their companionship and good will, as well as puzzles and Legos and crafty tubs, and generous and thoughtful gift-cards (books and photo-sittings and toy garden visits!).

We continue to be gobsmacked at people's generosity. Even greater than that, is the sustaining power of other people's enthusiasm and joy. I won't pretend that this has not been a long hard pull. Celebrations like this renew and strengthen us as we muster up our resources for the scariest bit of all: court.

If you know a family that is adopting, shower them with love, attention, questions, Legos, and your enthusiasm. You will probably never know how much they need this. We didn't even know how much we needed it until we received it.

Thank you friends.

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