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Obviously there is a lot to do to pack for the time away. For those of you that are not quite at this stage yet (soon soon), here are some other lists that you can tend to:

Before getting court date:

Select and do the paperwork for:
  • adoption clinic work-up - the one at UW provides the translator!

  • pediatric dentist

  • eye doc - make sure they can do the exam without language

  • pediatrician

  • the attorney who will redo your will

Fill out your Visa paperwork all except the dates. Don't forget to sign them!

When you get a court date:

Obviously, date your visa aps, send them in, and buy plane tickets. Then

Prepare all these and leave in envelopes to be mailed as soon as your adoption decree is finalized:
  • New W-4s as you will be getting a big tax credit and you don't need any more money withheld

  • The sign-up papers for insurance for your newest family members.

  • If your children are speaking, a letter to the school district formally requesting assessment in your children's first language. The district has to schedule within 35 school days (State of Washington) of receipt of the letter (send it registered), so you want to get the clock ticking asap so that your children's first language, which is going to fade, is still with them on assessment day. Otherwise it will never be clear if you are assessing cognition or language.

  • a teeth cleaning for you or your spouse so that the children can watch and see that it is going to be okay.

  • clinic work-up

  • pediatrician

  • eye doctor

  • dentist appointments

  • attorney for will. Make a "stand in will" between now and then. You can get one off of Microsoft Templates and get it witnessed and notarized.

If you have pets (we have nine):
  • get housesitters! We are so blessed with N&N - housesitters extraordinaire.

  • update written instructions

  • make arrangements for vet care if needed in your absence (financial and decision-making guidance)

  • buy a lot of pet food

  • right before you leave: trim everyone's nails, give flea treatments

Make list of what you need to have in the fridge when you get back.

Yes, Suz (another blogger) was right when she said "there are two things that waiting adoptive families like, they are making lists and reading articles on adoption."

What am I forgetting?

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