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Airport blog-a-thon

24 Aug 06 - Thursday

* depart Seattle at 6:20 pm on United 703
* arrive LA at 8:57 pm
* dink around for 3 hours
* miles on this leg 954: miles total 954

first stop: SeaTac. Travel time at posting: 7 hrs 2 min and 12 seconds.

If you read our older posts, you'll remember the story of the young ESL student in Seoul who found us and asked for help with his homework. Well, I must have accidentally put on my ESL magnet this morning, as we now have in tow, entrusted to us by his worried aunt and uncle, one very nice Chinese student whom we promised to guide through the LA airport and onto the plane with us to Seoul.

PS - first flight delayed two hours which turns our three hour layover in LA into a one hour.

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