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Arriving in Khabarovsk

Posting from: MarKuel Hotel in Khabarovsk
Local time: 8:10 am on Saturday the 27th

I've been up for 4 hours with nowhere to go and no cream for my coffee! Jamie is finally up and showered and off on a cream mission.

Here are some shots from the airplane. I really wanted to take a picture of the man seated next to Jamie who drank eight beers and two big glasses of whiskey on a 3 hour flight. Blech.

You can see the little garden huts in this picture. It is so lovely and green here now; last time it was grey and dead looking.

When we landed and I caught sight of the airport sign, I burst into tears (surprise, surprise). We are so happy to be back and near the children.

Here you can see the hot water pipes that supply the city with hot water and heat. Private citizens are not responsible for supplying their own hot water or heat. This is seen as a proper function of government. Of course, every neighborhood gets the hot water turned off for about a month in the summer for maintainence.

Lenin Square, upon which the courthouse sits. We will burst out of the courthouse (the building on the left in the pic) and into this square next Thursday.

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