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pan-scrapings of an over-tired brain

I'm not really sure that it is of interest to anyone, but I am bored and the internet access here is free. Pan-scrappings are in no particular order.

Asiana provided little kits with eye pillows, socks, and toothbrush and toothpaste. Yeah Asiana.

I was allowed to bring my solid lotion bar onto the plane. Yeah LUSH!

The inflight internet that Asiana advertises is not currently available on these flights.

For all of you on my blogrolls that keep clustermaps or stats, I just clicked you from Seoul.

We are really really sleepy. We are on our second cups of "bad" coffee waiting for the good coffee shop to open.

Big shout out to my sister who called to say farewell and was ebullient about her new niece and nephew. Warmed my heart. Also, thank you neighbor J, for your email, and niece K for your call and cousin J for your last minute phone call, we must have missed you by nanoseconds. Extra happy to get to see Aunt C and Uncle D from Nebraska the morning we left. I do hope we weren't babbling idiots. Y'all feel free to leave a comment now.

I listened to Russian on my iPod as I slept. Do you think it will help?

At SeaTac, it's $10 bucks per pound over 50 for each piece of luggage. I puppy-dog-eyed the agent explaining how we are packing for four. He did knock a few pounds off our bill, but not as much as I would have liked. Pack fluffy gifts, or buy them there.

Yeah, the breakfast cafe gal just arrived! Food and good coffee are coming our way soon.

Maybe, if you are lucky, I'll post more pan-scrapings later.

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