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Good Morning!!

MarKuel, Khabarovsk, Russia
Local time: 8:45 am Sunday August 27th Happy Birthday to me! Thanks Mom!

We had a wonderful dinner with our friends C&N, and K and her cousin A,and their new little people who are just as cute as can be. They have had their children with them for about nine days now. Tomorrow they should be able to get going on their travel documents and move on to Moscow next weekend. It was so lovely to arrive and be welcomed and fed. We are in a different part of town than last time, and would have had a hard time finding our way to a restaurant or grocery store. Last time we were very near the main drag. This time we are a bit more remote, but the hotel people are very adoption friendly and have English speakers at the desk 24/7 and the apartments are obviously necessary for starting out family life.

We heard from our friends stranded at LAX; they did get on to the Sunday Seoul flight and are now stranded sans luggage there – of the two airports, Seoul is definitely the better place to be stranded. They are trying to get on a flight with another airline into Khab today. I had forgotten that Dalavia flies in from Seoul. So, we are hopeful that they will make it in time for court.

Internet works fine. Water pressure is nearly dangerous, it is so strong. If you must have milk or creamer for your morning coffee, bring it with.

I wish I had brought (hint hint Lisa) a 1-to-3 outlet adaptor so that I could get more things plugged into my US-to-Russia adaptor (puter and camera bat charger).

Next up: apartment shots - probably tomorrow.

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