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Bag Lady

I am under the illusion that you are all dying to know our packing plans. Well here they are for your reading pleasure.

We have 6 bags (3 check-in and 3 carry-on):
  • one duffle that has two children's backpacks inside - each backpack has that child's shoes and clothes etc. plus a flight satchel for their trip home. This duffle also holds Mom's Magic Bag of Tiny Amusements which we will hold in reserve for the long long trip home.

  • one duffle full of orphanage donations: legos, clothes, balls, crayons, coloring books, stuff they asked for

  • one big suitcase to check in which holds: extra clothes, change of shoes, amusements and activities for while we are there, food and kitchen stuff (COFFEE), gifts that we could replace in Khab if bag goes missing.

  • one carry-on sized suitcase with the bare essentials: change of clothes, toiletries, , medicines, dossier, clothes for court in case other suitcases go missing, special gifts which we couldn't replace in Khab

  • one carry-on cloth-grocery-bag style flight bag: earplugs, eyemasks, neckpillows, socks, books, magazines, sleep aids, Airborn tabs, etc.

  • one carry-on computer bag with laptop, software and electrical adaptors - if we get hassled about one too many carryons, this one fits in the top of the cloth grocery bag. Doesn't fit well, but fits.

On the way home, we'll have 8 bags (3 checkin, 5 carryon)
  • no duffles

  • one big suitcase to check in full of whatever

  • two children's backpacks on wheels to check in for children's clothes and shoes etc.

  • one carry-on sized suitcase full of spare clothes for all of us in case of motion sickness etc.

  • one carry-on cloth flight bag that now also holds Mom's Magic Bag of Tiny Amusements: matchbox cars, fingerpuppets, kalidiscopes, etch-a-sketch, fidget toys, crayons, Memory card game (great for language learning)

  • one carry-on computer bag which will now also hold the LeapPad (with splitter and two sets of earplugs)

  • two child-sized flight satchels with warm layer, finger snacks, place to put accumulated treasures (Juliana is a treasure-hoarder).

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