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What does it mean?

Our pretrial appointment at court in Russia was August first and it is now 6:28 p.m. in Khabarovsk, so our pretrial has happened. Our facilitator in Russia was -- we assume -- present and knows what came of it.

We had hoped (expected, counted on) that she would call our agency in Alaska (where it is 11:28 p.m. right now) and tell her and that our agency in Alaska would send us email telling us.

This has not happened. Why not? Oh this is crazy making stuff.

I should mention that there are three familes with pretrials on August first.

So, did the judge reschedule all of us? some of us?

  • Did she look at our files and snicker? shout "off with their heads?" demand shrubberies?

  • Did she say "Oh these are the loveliest dossiers ever and I'd like to schedule court dates at the families' earliest convenience?"

  • Did she come up with a 49 item list of obscure documents she would like to have procurred, notarized, apostilled, and delivered by 2:17 p.m. on Thursday?

  • Did she set court for some of the families, but not all?

  • Did our Russian facilitator call our Alaskan agency with bad news that has to be delivered in a phone call in the morning? Is that why there is no email tonight? How bad of news? For which family?

How on earth will we sleep tonight?

It is a great mercy that my 8:00 class does not meet tomorrow.

Okay, two thoughts to help us sleep.

  • I know who is in charge and I know that He loves us.

  • If pretrial was in the afternoon and our Alaska contact keeps an early bedtime, it could just be that the news came out too late to relay to Alaska. I'm sure that's it, aren't you?

Blessings on you, Cathy, Catherine, Rhonda, Tricia, and Elle, for your e-companionship this evening.

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