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Airport blog-a-thon: LAX and INC

25 August Friday
* depart LA at 12:20 am on Asiana 203

26 August Saturday
* arrive Seoul at 5:00 am
* miles on this leg 5999: miles total 6953
* dink around until 7:00 am at which time the SHOWERS and the GOOD COFFEE SHOP and the INTERNET opens. Choices. Choices.
* depart Seoul at 10:10 am on Asiana 572
* arrive Khavarovsk at 3:10 pm
* miles on this leg 886: miles total 7839

Posting from: Incheon Airport in Seoul
Local time: 5:42 am on Saturday
Time en route: 1 day 1 hour 54 minutes and 48 seconds

No blog from LAX as we had to RUN to the gate and get in our line to board - we basically arrived at the gate and boarded, all in one hot rush. Fifteen more minutes and we would have been too late. I don't even want to think about what missing the flight to Seoul might have done to our court date. Sure there are lots of flights from LAX to Seoul, but only a few a week from Seoul to Khabarovsk. Our flight arrived really late, and in addition LAX has very poor signage and we were a bit hard-pressed to navigate our way from domestic arrivals to ground transportation to international departures and the ONLY way we did this was that I asked questions of every person in uniform we passed. How someone who doesn't speak English would do this is beyond me. I can see why the aunt and uncle of our new friend Yang were anxious to find him some helpers.

The good news? We each got a row to ourselves. SLEEP! I think we got about 6 hours of real rest and another 3 of tossing and turning.

We've decided that traveling without snacks is a really bad idea. Since Thur morning we have had - a bowl of granola (though Jamie didn't), a plate of fish and chips, and a Korean meal called BimBampBo which was quite nutritious, but not very filling. We are looking forward to ordering breakfast when the cafe opens.

Apparently, Y and A and S, whom we expected to catch up with on the LAX-INC flight, did not get on the flight. This is very worrisome, as they are on the same schedule as we.

Lisa, the flight was hot and stuffy, just like last time. If you are indeed on the very same itinerary, hustle through LAX even if your SEA flight is on time. It's a long long way, even with the bus, which is on an indiscernible schedule. You want to wait at the BLUE bus stop for the A busline, and if you can find any signage that reveals this important info, please take a pic for me. LAX is my new most-dreaded airport. Also, wireless works at the little cafe in INC; the one with the really good coffee.

We adjusted our clocks 20 hours ahead of Pacific time, and then get to set them back two hours when we fly to Khabarovsk. Yipee, two extra hours today.

mush for brains! edited to say that I know that something is wrong with the above time zone stuff, but I am too shattered to think of it. However it worked, we got to move our clocks ahead when we got on the plane and got rid of two hours. Yeah!

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