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ayat: Zurich to Chicago to Seattle to Home

A year ago today we were enduring the (up until then) hardest experience of my life: 36 hours of travel with little people.
At about 6pm Pacific Time on the 18th, think "The Chandlers are at the airport now." Enjoy your evening. Go to bed. Get a good night's rest. Appreciate that. Get up in the morning. Think "The Chandlers are still either in an airport or in an airplane." Think this through breakfast, through lunch, and through dinner. Go to bed. Fluff your pillows. Drift off to sleep. At about midnight, wake up to think "The Chandlers have finally left the airport. Now they are in a car on the freeway." Pray for our safety. Go back to sleep.

Twas sweet indeed, to see our own home again.

Thus endeth this ayat series. I hope you have enjoyed it. Looking back at the early days has been informative to me. My word, it was hard at first, and I didn't even post the worst stuff. During our first few days we were near despair, thinking we had wrecked our lives and seeing no escape. If you are reading all this as a pre-adoptive parent, or fellow adopter of older children, take heart.

We have no regrets. Plenty of hard days and discouragement, but no regrets. Most of the time we are quite sure that we got the best ones.


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