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let me count the ways

How much do I hate it when my honey works 12 hour night shifts?

1. I hate it that I hardly ever get to see him and when I do, it is 7 am, I am waking up and getting the kids off to school and he is dog-tired OR I see him at 5 pm as he awakes, showers, eats, and departs in about a half an hour.
2. We miss him in the evenings, the dinner hour, the story time.
3. We have to do all the noisy housework at the end of the day, as he is sleeping from 7-5.
4. I spend most of the day Shushing the children.
5. Live mice and large spiders take advantage of the situation and I have to rise to the occasion.
6. I wake up at night, all warm and cozy in our bed, and think of him working in the cold and dark and I feel sad for him.
7. Our family meals are all off as he needs breakfast in the evening and hot dinner in the middle of the night.
8. But the worst? The very worst? I hate waking up on a soccer morning with a bad cold and realizing that I have to go stand in the soccer fields in the rain.

Poor him. Poor me. Poor us. Did I mention that he doesn't get days off? Blech.


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