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the tooth fairy visits & other news

Little Miss Chickadee has lost one of her lower lateral incisors tonight, taking her tooth tally down to 13: 4 upper and 9 lower.

In other news, I officially joined the ranks of soccer moms last Saturday even though I swore up and down I would not do it. Brrr is me. Those darn kids. They look so innocent and all but when you let your guard down they'll be getting you out of bed on Saturday mornings to stand in a cold damp field and you won't mind because they are so cute. Chickadee is little enough to squeeze in under the other girls' elbows (for real) so she
stays very close to the ball. Now if she would just kick it in the right direction.

Do you recall my evil plan regarding haircuts? It didn't work, so I had to get even more dastardly. It is a poorly-kept secret that my natural haircolor, though formerly a rich dark brown, is now a snowy white. Yup. I started graying and dying in highschool and never stopped. This means that the salt-and-pepper stage never saw the light of day and when I do let it go natural, I'll go directly to ice-white. HOWEVER, my Gift prefers brunettes, so I've kept up with the hair-color in a jar. Except for this last month. I didn't dye it and am now sporting a dramatic skunk stripe: two inches of white atop a foot or so of dark. Rather attractive if you prefer the hag look.

It worked. Not only did he let me cut his hair, but he said, (and this is high praise from him) "I'm not disappointed with the cut." So, now I have to go wash that white right outta my hair.

It's only Tuesday and I am beat. In the last two days I've taken 3 pets to the vet, one son to the clinic, and one husband to the heart doctor. Pets are all fine: Holly's five new lumps are benign; Son is delightful and perplexing; Husband & I consulted with the heart doctor about PFOs and Amplatzer PFO Occluders. My Gift had a mini-stroke (TIA) last December which revealed the PFO (hole in his heart) and he has been debating ever since the pros and cons of having the hole repaired. We went in today and the doc revealed that the alternative is Coumadine (aka rat poison) for the rest of his life. Hello? What is there to debate? We scheduled the repair job for the end of November.

Dandy started chess club today and he loves it.

My on-line class starts on Thursday and I am all ready. My face-to-face class starts next Tuesday and I am not at all ready. I think that is all the news.


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