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works for me: brand loyal

This week's Works for Me Wednesday theme is brand loyalty. Considering our recent budgeting efforts, evaluating our use of name-brand vs generic seems rather timely. Not necessarily interesting reading perhaps, but useful to me.

Laundry Soap
- recently abandoned Tide liquid in favor of Costco's look-alike. It works just fine.

Small appliances - KitchenAid or bust. I am so weary of disposable smallgoods.KitchenAid 6-qt. Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer, Empire Red

Skin Care - about 18 months ago I abandoned Lancome in favor of LUSH. Love love love it.

Lush Skin Care Products

Interior or Exterior Paint - Behr at Home Depot. Every major holiday weekend they have a huge rebate offer. We've painted the outside of our home, all the inside, and our big red barn all with Behr paint. It's awesome.

Chickadee's clothes - hanna andersson. Beyond cute plus they hold their resale value. I buy used off of e-bay and then I don't care if they get a bit beat up. When she outgrows them, I sell them on e-bay.

For just about everything else, I'll deliberately buy the off-brand, figuring that all those dollars spent on advertising (aka sponsorship of yucky television) are built into the price of the big-name items and I'd rather opt out of contributing to that.


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