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a new school

Dandy is starting a new school tomorrow. We had been working all summer with the hope of placing him in 2nd grade this fall, so that he could be with children his age and maybe a bit older. However, the school he attended last year was not real open to this idea. Additionally the 1st grade was very full (22 kids).

We are moving then, to one of the other Christian schools in town, one that will work with him as a 2nd grader. Also, his new class only has 10 students, including him.

On the intake placement test, he ranked as if he was in 1st grade, 8th month for math and 1st grade straight up for reading and writing. Not bad for a child who did not speak a lick of English a year ago. He certainly has his work cut out for him this year. Our math tutor is staying with us this year, and the new school will provide reading and writing support and I'll be filling in the gaps.

We are so pleased, though, that he will no longer be the oldest child in the class. It was not healthful for him.

As a happy little bonus, his new school has uniforms and he looks right cute in them.


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