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Okay, so we are flat broke, yes? and worried about money, yes? So I should be real happy about this discovery, and I am sure I will be when I get over the shock.

But, first, some background. In our state, online classes at the community colleges are 'pooled' and administered through a central hub. This means that students from all over the state register and get put into classes together. When one section fills, another section is opened.

There are -- from an instructor's point of view -- never enough sections, so those of us on the bottom of the totem pole (adjunct faculty with less than 10 years or so of being in the system, for my field) put in our names but rarely get a section.

I had rather forgotten about it.

Okay, I had completely forgotten about it.

I have just learned that I have 25 students enrolled in a course that opens next week and for which I don't even own the current edition of the textbook; I am leaving town in three days for our first ever family vacation.

Do you think I can get away with the ole' "What did you do over summer vacation?" essay?


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