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coyote under the shed (with pics)

Why do these things always happen when My Gift is away?

I'm trying to figure out if he is a young hungry coyote or an old dying coyote. He looks a little fuzzy, like a teenage coyote, but his muzzle looks grey.

If he is young and hungry, I'd like him to move on as I am very fond of my cats.

If he is old and dying, I'd like him to move on as my dogs will simply harass him day and night and if they make physical contact I have to worry about them too.

Either way, I'd like him to move on before the kids get too curious and crawl on in there with him. Mange, rabies, bite marks -- not good.

We started the day with a bird in the woodstove (they come down the chimney and have to be let out); we have a coyote around lunch-time; I wonder what will show up this evening?


edited to add: oh lovely, I just found a head and a tail of a mouse -- no connecting mid-portion -- in my bathroom. A little too much nature here today.


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Tami said...

You were too near that thing for my comfort! Hopefully it was just a really powerful zoom. ;>) DiId you call animal control...or possibly some sort of wildlife refuge type of place?

Suzanne said...

Tami - it was a zoom. I'm goofy - but not stupid. I called the wildlife refuge and she said to see if we could make a racket and chase it out. We did. It didn't budge. I'm hoping it will just be gone tomorrow.