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works for me: book mooch

I've started listing my old books on a book swap service. Community members ask for books I have listed, I send them (my expense) and I get community points for sharing my books. When I see a book I want, I ask for it, (their expense) and I give community points to the person sharing the book. .

Here are my most recent moochies - books I am receiving.

Trade your books at BookMooch.com

Works for me!

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PS Kate, it seems to me that you could have books mooched to my address and then I could box them up and send them in large (and hopefully more cost-effective) shipments.


kate said...

Hmmm....but how would I SEND books? Fed Ex?

I wanna be a moocher, too!

Suzanne said...

Kate - you send them to others in Russia. Book Mooch is international. I can donate you some starter points too.