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mouse update

That is one hardy mouse. Midweek the cats had him out of hiding and he escaped by dropping into one of the heater vents. Last night he turned up again in a 4:00am scamper, disappearing behind the wardrobe before My Gift could capture him. I'm considering naming him. Any nominations?


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Kelli said...

Major Zamora

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Major Zamora was a dime museum performer in the late 1890s. He was a physical dwarf who specialized in feats of contortion and enterology (squeezing into impossibly small spaces, or getting inside a sealed container without disturbing it) and, as an offshoot of this, was a feature escape artist before the advent of Houdini. He was billed, alternately, as "The Triple-jointed Dwarf" and "The Triple-jointed Wonder." His ad hype claimed he was 'triple-jointed' in all the connections of his body. Zamora performed in circus acrobat tights, and sported the large handlebar mustache so common in men's grooming of the 1890s. Zamora's features were squeezing himself in and out of an over-sized, but still quite small, bottle, and escaping after being tied, chained, handcuffed and locked inside a small, upright box.

Suzanne said...

Oh I like that one Kelli.

kate said...

Yeah, I think Kelli's beats mine. :> I was thinkign along the lines of Secret of NIMH.