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Friday Poetry: Nonsense Rhyme for Late Fall by Elizabeth Coatsworth

Nonsense Rhyme for Late Fall

At this moment chanticleer
crows loud and fierce a the staring deer.
The weathervanes have left their spires
to warm their toes at the kitchen fires.
The leaves are trying to follow the birds,
there is lots of gossip among the herds
winterbound in their hay-filled stalls.
Cats leave their kittens to make long calls
on their neighbors a mile or two up the road.
The horses steam as they pull their load.
They're darker, too, in their winter coats
with shaggy chins like the chins of goats.
And the chickadee
in the leafless tree
twitters and flutters merrily,
merrily twitters, cheerily flitters,
flutterers all, and none of them sitters,
while the bluejays scold at the sun and mock
because he gets sleepy by four o'clock.
~ Elizabeth Coatsworth

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Andromeda Jazmon said...

You do pick some wonderful poems!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I absolutely loved this. I've got to slow down in life and get back to reading things for pure joy. thanks for this experience.