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works for me: candy fairy

With Halloween coming up, and with two sugar-sensitive kids, and with me already tired of debating with eye-rolling strangers as we try to decline the sugar they are foisting off on us, it is time to start talking up the Candy Fairy!

You know, the one that visits in the early morning of November 1 and swaps your bag or jar of candy for a new game. Yes, that one. The more candy you leave for her, the happier she is, so it pays off to gather as much as we can, eat a discreet amount, and then get it out of our house.



Anonymous said...

Bring your kids past my house this Halloween. We're handing out mini-tubs of play dough. I just hope it goes over better with than the healthy treats (like raisins and tooth brushes) I got as a child.

Suzanne said...

Ohhh - good idea, Audrey. We usually just turn off all the lights and hide in the back of the house. Last year our kids didn't know about Halloween, so the little bit of trick-or-treating we did with them was a big hit. Alas, this year they are more acculturated and are expecting big things. I think we will go over to my sister's house as they have a more trick-or-treaty neighborhood.