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Well I gave up on Intense Debate. I didn't want to, as I LOVED the threaded comment feature but I was continuing to get complaints about lag time and browser freeze and non-functioning in Internet Explorer, so I am back to blogger now. So, comment on folks - I've been feeling a bit lonely here.




Anonymous said...

It's really priceless how you take all the political comments off your blog when they are factually based comments or corrections of things you disagree with.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Hi Suzanne!

I'm here! I'm sorry you had to give up your comment widget, but it made a big difference, at least for me, in load time and ease of commenting.

: D


PS: I'm making Dutch babies tomorrow!

Suzanne said...

Hi Ms. Anonymous,

Actually, I lost all my old comments because I had to switch back to Blogger comments from Intense Debate comments. So, yes, the political comments did disappear, but not for the reasons you assume.



Suzanne said...

Hi Kim,

You will LOVE Dutch Babies. And thanks again for letting me know how troublesome the old comment thing was.