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a yummy fall menu

Recently I have not spent much time in the kitchen, either travel or illness or traveling while ill has kept me from cooking, but yesterday I got busy. The kids were so excited to see their cook back on duty that they said -- and I swear I didn't make this up --

Mom, go rest, we don't want you to get sick again. We'll clean up and you can come back after it's all nice in here and cook some more.
And I, being a wise woman, said:

For dinner we had

Patty Pan Eggs
~ we grew the PattyPans and the kids LOVED this dish.
Zucchini Cakes ~ really yummy. I can see this as a nice brunch dish.
Rosemary Focaccia

It was a pretty menu, the yellow squash and egg yolks, the golden green-flecked zucchini cakes, the golden focaccia, and as a bonus the house smells homey again.

We also chopped up all the ingredients for pickle relish, which we will cook up and can tomorrow.


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