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Shannon, over at Rocks in my Dryer, is running a What I'd Like for You to Know series. The most recent contributor, Anissa, posted on her family's experience with cancer and shared this:

Don’t feel like you have to compare whatever problems you have on a scale with what we’re going through. We GET that we have it bad. We don’t need to hear words like “but it’s nothing like what you’re dealing with”. It’s not fun to be the crap-meter by which everyone else measures the misery in their lives.

Oh yes. Each time I would hear, and sometimes still do hear, these sentiments, I get all crabby-feeling. It's so nice to have someone articulate the why.


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Julie Stills Miles said...

Suzanne - I read your post "how to help a family with a medical emergen... GREAT information and much of what you suggested never even occurred to me. Thanks so much for the visit to my "lotsahelpinghands" post, the comment and the link to that post from yours!

Elle J said...

Even for those not dealing with the trauma of cancer, hearing how one's life is measured against another's is a pet peeve of mine. Whether it is happy news compared to happy news, or sad news compared to sad news. Just let other's share, celebrate or support, and focus on them. Thanks for sharing this information; another great tip for all.