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I hate the phone

If you are a real-life friend and wonder why a) I never answer the phone or b) I never call you, go read this post; she speaks for me.




Cheralynn said...

OMG - this is me too!!! I'm so happy I'm not alone. Everybody thinks I'm crazy - the kids are even questioning my motives these days. BUT, starting to realize that there is no use. They should simply accept the fact that I only answer the phone when I know who it is and feel like they may have an emergency that I need to assist with at that very moment. If not, get in line with all the other "phone people" that want to "say hi" because I don't have time for idle phone chit-chat in my busy life :-)


Shelby said...

I have a phone phobia too! People are always shocked that I don't know my own cell phone number. They don't seem to believe me when I say that my cell phone's only purposes in life are 1)summoning help when my car is upside-down in a ditch, and 2)calling home from the grocery store when I can't remember if we have any milk/eggs/cereal/whatever. We don't even have caller ID on the home phone--why spend the money when most people block their numbers anyway? I'm the queen of screening through the machine. So nice to know I'm not alone.

Sue said...

Thanks for the link - nice to meet ya :>