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leukemia free

This beautiful and sweet kitty -- who has tested weak positive for kitty leukemia for the past few years -- has been diligently doing her positive visioning and self-curing meditation (and you thought she was just dozing in the sun). She got a nice clean negative on her test today.




kate said...

Hooray! Sick kitties make for stressed owners. I'm glad she's gotten a clean bill of health.

(btw, since I said "she", a friend told me when she was little she thought all cats were girls and all dogs were boys. They got married and had puppies and kittens. Tee hee.)

Suzanne said...

That is too cute.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear it!! That vaccine is a difficult call. We lost a pet to the cancer that is caused by the feline leukemia vaccine. We don't vaccinate our current cats for that - but we keep them indoors. Our vet was with us during our cancer fight and he understands and supports our decision - as long as our kitties stay inside. So, they've never felt the grass under their feet. Somehow, when I see them lounging in a sunbeam, I don't think they care.