Quote of the Day


Tinkerbell and Chuck

That is who the kids are going to be for Halloween. I got the Tinkerbell part, but who is Chuck?


Chuck, our uncle with the prosthetic hook. So I asked the kids if Chuck has any other names. Oh yes!

Captain Chuck.



Julie Stiles Mills said...

Suzanne - Thanks for the visit and comment on my Pragmatic Idioms post! I'm adopting your idioms! I LOVE them!!! I'm poking around looking at your blog right now. LOTS of nice features and great info! I'll be back.

Shelby said...

Heehee, I love the creativity! Of course next to Tinkerbell, your Chuck is going to have to correct everyone--"I'm Uncle Chuck, not Captain Hook!" Reminds me of the time when my friend's son was in the midst of an obsession with Presidents and insisted on dressing as William Henry Harrison. My poor friend spent a month saying, "Are you sure you don't want to be Lincoln? Or Washington?" Naturally he insisted, and then spent the entire night giving everyone at every house a mini-lecture on the 9th President--haha. I can still remember his little voice, "I was the first President to die in office!"

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