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How did I live this long without one of these?

My new Vicks Vaporizer is a wonderful thing. Because I have asthma, any respiratory ailment sets up residence in my lungs and it takes forever to . . . ehm . . . clear things out, shall we say. My Gift brought home Vicks Vaporizer the other night to help keep the air moist in my room, as dry air on raw throat was waking me up. I didn't realize what a help it would be in keeping the cement from setting up in my chest.

If you or someone you know gets lots of colds or has asthma, (usually those two go together), send them one of these.


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Shelby said...

I have long been a fan of vaporizers! I don't know what your water is like, but we live in a hard water area and I've always found that, despite what the product documentation says, I've gotten much better performance when I filled it with distilled water. Hope you feel better soon!

kate said...

I use one every night in the winter. The heat here is so dry! I was just thinking yesterday that it was time to make the seasonal change from the white noise of the fan to the white noise of the vaporizer.

Mine is full of deposits...and vinegar didn't help.

Shelby said...

Kate--try distilled water (from the gallon jugs you get in the grocery store). We found that made a huge difference in deposits and while it was a bit galling to pay for bottled water in the vaporizer, it was cheaper in the long run than replacing the filters and/or heating coils in the vaporizer (and the humidifier we use).