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freezing & canning tally

I'm posting this mostly for my benefit, so that next year I can remember what I put up when, and if it was enough.

30 jars of strawberry jam ~ early July
4 pints of salsa ~ mid July
9 jars of raspberry jam ~ late July
15 jars of sour cherry jam ~ late July
3 quarts of blueberries ~ early August
6 more quarts of blueberries ~ mid August
1 lb of basil = 6 (2 cup) freezer bags
7 pints of pickled beets (recipe next Monday)
4 more quarts of blueberries ~ mid September not u-pick, 8 lbs for $20. yikes.
4 mini-loaves of zucchini bread ~ mid September
9 pints of pickle relish ~ mid September
4 more mini-loaves of zucchini bread ~ late September
2 gallons of shredded zucchini ~ early October
1 gallon of halved plums ~ early October
6 1/2 quarts of apple pie filling ~ early October
1 quart applesauce ~ early October




Esther said...

I find it odd you, who love the creationism, cronyism and small minded- book banning agenda of Sarah Palin, continue to claim to be a teacher, and have Mary Oliver poems on your blog. I doubt Mary Oliver would like the association.

Suzanne said...

Esther! Do you really think that Mary Oliver wants to be only appreciated by people with like politics? That would amaze me. And, if you read the article, you will learn that EVEN THE LIBRARIAN Palin questioned affirms that Palin did not ask to ban books, she asked a procedural questions. Very different.

I don't even know what to do with the remark about claiming to be a teacher. I go to class and I teach and I get a paycheck and at the end of the quarter students report that they learned a lot and their writing (for the most part) is much improved, so it seems pretty clear to me that I'm a teacher. You seem to be operating under the impression that conservatives can't be teachers. Even my liberal friends would object to eliminating quality instructors based on political differences. Perhaps I misunderstood your statement . . .