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chocolate happiness cake

This cake is really the only suitable response to bad days. I've adapted it from a recipe found at deliciousdays. In that version, measurements are in grams; I did some rather casual conversions and we loved the results.

Melt in a double boiler:
8 oz dark unsweetened baking chocolate
1 C butter
While they are melting, butter the sides of your springform pan and put parchment paper in the bottom.

When butter and chocolate are melted, remove from heat and add:
1 1/3 C sugar

When all that has cooled to where it is not unpleasant to touch, start beating in - one at a time please -
4 eggs
3 T flour

Pour into springform pan and bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

Serve warm, topped with crème fraîche and strawberries.

Remove springform before the cake cools.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for linking up! This sounds so yummy - how could it not make you happy? :) And really not that difficult.

Anonymous said...

I just popped my happy chocolate cake into the oven!

Can't wait to taste it!


Anonymous said...


It was a hit! I topped it with devonshire creme and it was fantastic.

Everyone loved it. It was such an easy cake to make and well worth it!

My family thanks you!

Anonymous said...

One more comment and then I'll stop.

I agree. It IS better the second day!