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poor little baby

According to the doctor, the surgery went beautifully and we should see good results within the month.

Here is what Chickadee has had to say:

I'm going to burp up.
My eyes hurt.
I'm going to burp up.

Both eyes are puffy and bloodshot and goopy and her skin is greenish and she looks about as poorly as she feels. She is all cuddled up in the big bed next to me and we are listening to Peter Rabbit and Other Stories.



Anonymous said...

Hope she is feeling better soon. Yuck. Surgery is no fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor baby, indeed. Burping up in no fun. Neither is surgery. Sending good healing vibes your way.

Anonymous said...

Hope this sort of surgery has a super quick heal time! Sweet baby! please give her kisses from her cousins a far in the woods. We pray for awesome results and rebounding into happy times!

Anonymous said...

Aw, poor little sweetheart! I hope she bounces back very soon.

I have a question (of course if it's too personal feel free to ignore with my apologies). Is this surgery going to improve her vision, or just the alignment of her eyes? Or I should ask, does she have additional vision problems and will she continue to need glasses? I'm just curious. I know glasses are a pain, but she was so cute in hers .

Suzanne said...

Shelby, ask away. The glasses and surgery should improve her alignment and thereby her depth perception, so she won't be plonking into things so much.

She has a hard-working eye, and a lazy eye. The patching has helped the lazy eye get to work.

We expect more patching (lazy eye) and perhaps more glasses (alignment).