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in need of very small ice packs

Remember the dislocated thumb? Well it is not yet healed. I keep re-injuring it by doing foolish things like using my hand to cook, clean, etc. Silly me, I know.

One of the things that helps with the maddening pain discomfort is a tiny little reusable ice pack that I slip inside the thumb guard where it nestles nicely right at the base of the joint, the epicenter of maddening pain discomfort . The ice pack is round, about two inches across, and very thin. I got two of them after the biopsy and unfortunately, I can't find them anywhere to purchase. Apparently they are only sold to breast biopsy clinics. I am not about to get another biopsy just to replenish my ice pack supply, though I have considered it.

So my questions are:
:: Do you know where I can purchase very small slender ice packs?
:: If not, do you work or know any who works at a breast biopsy clinic that would like to share?
:: If not, do you have any ideas?


edited to add that I found the perfect substitute: condiment packets. Freeze them and tuck them into wherever it hurts.

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