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works for me: 11 informative podcasts

In keeping with my podcast list series, here are 11 informative podcasts that work for me.


1. Essential Knowledge ~ under 2 minute podcasts from the NY Times Guide to Essential Knowledge

2. Get it Done Guy's Quick and Dirty Tricks to Work Less and Do More ~ 5-8 minute tips for efficiency

3. Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tricks for Better Writing ~ 5-8 minute explanations of grammar conundrums

4. Homeschooling for Life ~ not via iTunes

5. How Stuff Works ~ under 2 minutes

6. Merriam-Webster Word of the Day ~ expand your vocabulary in less than 3 minutes

7. Modern Manners Quick and Dirty Tricks for A More Polite Life ~ there is always something more to learn

8. NPR Story of the Day ~

Podictionary ~ a fascinating exploration of the origins and connections of words.

1o. Princeton Review Vocabulary Minute ~

World Almanac ~


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Anonymous said...

I'm very glad to be of service! Are there any particular topics or tips you'd like to have me cover on the Get-it-Done Guy?

All the best,

Stever Robbins

host of The Get-it-Done Guy