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garden update

We did not grow vegies last year, as I was still a bit shell-shocked from the previous winter, so we are starting our first family vegetable garden in a new location. We have removed sod from eight 6x6 patches which we then topped with horse compost and My Gift tilled and framed them, installing boards around the edges to discourage grass encroachment.

Seven of the eight beds are planted, both seeds and seedlings. We've lost nothing to cutworms or slugs, yet.

Bed 1 holds root vegetables: Radishes, Carrots, and Beets.
Bed 2 is the salad bed: Arugula, Spinach, Lettuces, Parsley, Cilantro, Chard
Bed 3 is Watermelon. Yes, I know. "Good luck with that" is what you are thinking, isn't it? I planted Sweet Dakota Rose and am whispering sweet nothings to her every time I pass by.
Bed 4 is full of cucumbers.
Bed 5 is full of Bush Summer Squash and regular vine winter storage zucchini
Bed 6 is full of an other Bush Zucchini and an regular vine winter storage squash
Bed 7 is for corn & pumpkin. Not in the ground yet, but sprouting in the kitchen window.
Bed 8 is for pole beans and eggplant.


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Anonymous said...

We are doing raised gardens this year and the kids are so thrilled! We already have lettuce coming up and edible, as well as radishes (which are great because they come up quick but funny because my kids don't like them.)

Anonymous said...

This sounds fabulous! We don't have anywhere near the sun for this kind of garden. I remember years ago at another house I grew cucumbers and made tons of pickles. They grew really well. We did plant a few pumpkins this year in our few sunny spots. I hope it's enough sun to get a few pumpkins. I look forward to watching your progress! Thanks for joining my round up.