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works for me: 5 storyteller podcasts

In keeping with my podcast list series, here are 5 story-teller podcasts that work for me.


1. Nelson Lauver, The American Storyteller

2. more Nelson Lauver ~ not iTunes, but worth the trouble to download, well worth it.

3. Prairie Home Companion: Lake Wobegon Days

4. Sid Lieberman's Stories ~ always interesting

5. The Writer's Almanac ~ Garrison Keillor presents this day in history and a bit of poetry


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Anonymous said...

These are great! I am a major podcast junkie, so these have bee quickly added so I can check them out! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of the "This American Life" (NPR) podcast. Thanks for these links.

Anonymous said...

Oh cool! I love podcasts but I never even thought to look for storyteller ones, awesome!

Anonymous said...

Somehow I do associate the pleasures of having something read aloud to me to night time cookies and warm milk. There is nothing better when I just need to finish the day with something relaxing!

There is this librivox site where you can get books read to you by volunteers (lots of classicals, some of them with various "interpreters"). Maybe they are more of audiobooks than anything else and it is me that am not familiar with podcasts, but still, the site is interesting and worth checking -


(yes, they do have podcasts, I´ve just checked!)