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Happy Birthday Dandy

He's nine. We just finished making his cake -- he wanted to bake it and hey, it's his birthday so I just say yes to practically everything today. My fantabulous best-friend baked me a yummy cake for my birthday which was still delicious five days later when I was well enough to eat it. That cake has been decreed the Official Birthday Cake for our household and that is what we made today. After it is assembled I'll try to take a pic.

He was thrilled to receive both birthday phone calls and birthday packages in the mail today. One of his gifts was 1000 Questions and Answers which has completely absorbed him It is a perfect gift for him.

We will have a small dinner party at Mom's tonight and cake and presents -- we got him some building kits to do with his Dad and a new family game and some books.

I'll post pictures later in the day, so check back.

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and the winner is . . . and Happy Birthday Dandy


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