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Tea Fire News

Though the fire burned quite near the pretty little chapel, the chapel did not burn. Here are some good photos of the Westmont campus after the Tea Fire.

I got to talk with my niece a little bit this evening. Her dorm did not burn, though the home of a close friend burned to the ground. He is left with nothing but the clothes he was wearing. How strange it must be to go that quickly from being a person who has stuff to a person that has nothing. Imagine walking out your door and never seeing any of your things again. In a way, it would be a little bit freeing. But in another way I wouldn't much like it.

The book you were reading? Gone.
The comfy bathrobe? Gone.
The groceries in the fridge? Gone.
That end table with the nifty storage? Gone.
Financial records? Gone.
Favorite sweatshirt? Gone.

How unnerving it would be.


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