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Christmas hinties

So, you want to buy us truckloads of Christmas presents? Here is what we would coo over:

My Gift from a Generous God says "no clothes. I hate getting clothes for Christmas." Who knew? He's so polite that he had us all fooled: whoops! He says he would love to go shopping at Manna Music for music toys or Hardware Sales for tool toys or Red Wing for new work boots.

The kids would love art classes at Pace Atelier or Launching Success gift cards and there are many book ideas on our Amazon WishList (the immersion blender kind of snuck onto the kids' list -- odd, huh?). Chickadee needs gift certificates for gymnastics classes (we are getting her a tumbling mat) and Dandy would love anything from K'NEX (already dibbed).

Me? I like iTunes and e.l.f. and LUSH bubble bars -- any bubble bar. There is no such thing as a unwanted bubble bar in this house.

Of course, we'd be just as pleased if you skipped all that and just gave a World Vision goat.

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