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easy pumpkin handling

Recently, I shared two pumpkin recipes -- both excellent -- and both requiring a peeled pumpkin. Given the state of my hands (even more twisted and painful than previously reported), peeling a hard-skinned fruit is not a pleasant task.

Today I had the oven on anyway and thought I would try to find an easier way. I simply plopped a pumpkin into a pan and put it in at 350. Every 15 minutes I checked it ; after about 45 minutes it was tender enough to retain a finger poke mark, so I pulled it out and let it cool a bit.

Peeling the nicely softened and comfortingly warm pumpkin was a breeze, as was scooping out the guts and retrieving the seeds. Because it was just barely roasted, it wasn't too soft for the pumpkin black-bean casserole, and as a happy side-effect, said casserole cooked faster.

For the pumpkin soup, I can semi-roast the pumpkin, peel and gut it, and then pop it into the fridge. On the day I want to serve the soup -- ie Thanksgiving Day -- I can steam it back to hotness and let it finish cooking, and then puree and serve. I dislike pureeing it cold and reheating it, as the reheating compacts the soup and risks scorching it.

edited to add a picture of the item Margot commented about. It looks like a winner to me!


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