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works for me: blog gadgets

Do you want some new blog widgets and have some time to play? Here is a short list of some of my favs:

I got all the coding for the peek-a-boo posts over at hackosphere.

All my pretty little icons came from famfamfam.

The coding for the rotating banners came from Vince Liu.

The very cool tabbed sidebar widgets are thanks to the very cool hoctro.

The fun "Feeling Lucky?" toy -- which is currently disabled -- came from phydeaux3(fido 3?).

The pretty label cloud also came fromphydeaux3.

The elegant and easy to install related posts widget came from Jackbook.com.

I got all the social bookmarking icons nicely packaged for me at the aptly named Social Bookmarking Script Generator.

The 3 column footer came from Technodia.

The pretty sliding photo galleries are from CSSplay.

The recent comments widget is from Hackosphere


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