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When It Rains by Aileen Fisher

Oh it is raining. It rained buckets yesterday and is raining barrels today and we expect vats tomorrow. Our county is on flood watch and the cloud cover is so thick that there is little daylight. If we turned off the houselights it would be too dim to read inside; it's only a little after noon.

Here then is a lovely dampish poem by Aileen Fisher. I found the poem in one of the poetry books I had when I was a child: I See A Poem. Thank you Mom, for saving my best-beloved books.

When It Rains

When it rains,
when it rains,
the magpie complins,
the pathway
turns muddy and brown,
the horses look sad
but the meadow is glad
and puddles
jump up and down.

~ Aileen Fisher

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