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bats in my washer

Sandy asked if the bats in my home disturb me. I don't care for them in the part of the house that we live in, but I don't at all mind that the attic is full of little brown bats as they are wonderful mosquito-eaters, each eating about 3,000 mosquitoes a night. We can sit out on our deck at all hours and not use bug spray. We don't access the attic -- it's not a storage kind of attic -- just a big bat house I guess.

Sometimes they get trapped in the pantry, which has a glass door. I think that's pretty neat as we get to see them up close. They are really rather cute, like mice. The German word for bat is Fledermaus, flying mouse.

When I was a little girl a bat flew into my sister's room and I had to rescue her by thunking the bat with a broom. She had convinced me that the bat was sure to fly into her hair but wouldn't fly into mine; yes, I was rather gullible back then.

The absolutely worst place I have ever found a bat in the house was in the bottom of the washing machine after I had taken all the clean laundry out. It was a very dead and very clean little baby bat. Yes, I rewashed that load of laundry.

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365 Dresses said...

I know this is a very old blog post---but I just found a bat in my washing machine! Searched Google and found that I am not alone! For right now, he's staying there while I think about what to do. In some ways I'm hoping he's dead, although I did not mean to kill him. Wonder how many others I have in the basement?