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dad update

Sandy asked for a Dad update.

How is he?

Well, he's paralyzed.
And I hate it.
And I miss him.
And I am grieving harder now than I have in any of the previous months.
Tomorrow is the six month marker.

How is he, not me?
He is getting stronger.
He has to be turned and plumbed every four hours day or night.
He can do the latter by himself, as long as someone can get him propped up.
He is skinny.
He is looking forward to the new Harry Potter book.
His hands no longer have any callouses.

I don't know how to say how he is, as I can't see him clearly through my sorrow.

He is not going to any t-ball games,
or graduations.
He is not building tree-forts with his grandson.
He is not helping me with my summer projects.
He's not giving standing-up hugs.
He's not driving mom around.
Obviously, I don't think he is reading my blog anymore.

He is very loving to and remains keenly interested in the lives of people around him.
He is determined to ease the burden off of my mom.
He is very very brave, though he would probably point out that he doesn't have much choice.
He is eating well.
He is getting out into the fresh air daily, weather permitting.
He is content to sit and watch the bees.

It must be so hard to just have to step out of one's life, especially as his life was so full.

We are all eagerly awaiting to see what he builds into his new life.

So there you have it.

The Dad update.

I still cry every single day.


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