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Sunday Garden Tour

Blooming in my garden this afternoon:
  • Queen Elizabeth Rose
  • Cecil Brunner roses
  • Deep Pink Peonies
  • Pale Pink Peonies
  • Fairy Rose
  • Oregano
  • Yellow Day Lilies
  • Catmint
  • Peace Rose
  • Bridal Wreath Spirea
  • Clematis - names forgotten
  • Slugis Plenteous

Last Sunday afternoon I put my camera battery on to charge so that I could go take garden pics. Before I got out there, however, the rains moved in. They have not yet moved on. We've had a solid week of rain and I am right sick of it. So, these are other people's garden pics as it is too dark here to take a decent picture; that's cloud-cover dark, not sun-gone-down dark. ~Suzanne

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