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Adoption BlogPost Round-up #2: attachment

If you are looking for the annotated round-up, (links are sorted and commented upon), look for the July 9th post, or merely click here.

Edited to change the date from 6/1 to 6/23 6/30 to bump it up to the top of the page. This is the last Saturday for this edition. I'll do the round-up over the weekend.

For our BlogPost RoundUp #2, our theme will be attachment, by popular vote (Attachment 1: Other 0).

For those of us waiting to adopt, you could share your attachment concerns and/or resources you are using to prepare yourself.

For those of us with children home at last, you could do the same (concerns or resources) or you could share sweet attachment moments to encourage those amongst us struggling, or distill your hard-earned wisdom into a coulda, woulda shoulda, wherein you tell us what you wish you could do over or both (sweet moments and wishin' for a do-over).

Or you can post about some other facet of attachment. I'm just throwing out ideas that may get you thinking and let both our pre-adoptive and post-adoptive participants, well, participate!

Please do NOT link to your whole blog. If you can't decide, pick two posts. Please don't ask our readers to read your whole blog looking for your pearls of wisdom. The roundup is intended to be the showcase for your best pearls.

If you would like to host a future round-up, drop me a comment. I'd be happy to rotate this with someone else. Warning: it is a black-hole of time; though a fun one.

Adoption BlogPost RoundUp
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Adoption Participants
1. Suzanne (2 months in)
2. Suzanne (2.5 months in)
3. Stepping On Legos (The Dance of Attachment)
4. Forever Parents (Reactive Attachment Disorder)
5. Forever Parents (more on Reactive Attachment Disorder)
6. Pickel
7. A Breakfast Platter
8. ~Crystal
9. Rhonda
10. Alison
11. Kimmie
12. kate (just musing)
13. Jenni
14. cloudscome (Grief Stories)
15. Jena
16. Wendy
17. cloudscome (book review: Black Baby, White Hands)
18. cloudscome (book review:outsiders within)
19. Debbie (Top 10 Tips for 1st Year)
20. Laurie (Why AP\'s Don\'t Talk About the Hard Stuff)
21. Jane
22. Owlhaven (dating/nurturing attachment)

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