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first Father's day

We had a wonderful day: The Gift's first Father's Day. Here he is with his gift from Dandy.

After breakfast we loaded the car with dogs and warm clothes and headed for the Cascade foothills.

We found a nice empty campground (two solid weeks of rain tend to empty the campgrounds) and the dogs and children got to run free. We told the children we had to put all the rocks back into the river and they got straight to work. After about ten minutes of earnest effort Chickadee came up to me and asked, "Mama, are you sure? There are a lot of rocks."

On our walk we climbed into hollow logs, played pooh-sticks, and were very careful to leave no puddle unsplashed.

After a yummy dinner at a pub in the foothills we drove back into town to visit my folks for cocoa and hugs.

The kids gave Dad presents and then had a marvelous time building gnome houses out in the secret woods (treed area on my parents' land).

We've been reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and it was getting late, so we did our chapter at my Mom and Dad's. Dandy and Chickadee were reviewing the story for their grandparents, so they wouldn't be confused. We all enjoyed it when Dandy shared that Edmund had eaten the Chicken Delight given to him by evil woman.


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